Academy Rules


1. Attitude: Please come to the academy with a good attitude. Greet the instructor and your fellow students when entering the academy.

2. Respect:
   a. Address all red patch black belts as “Professor”.
   b. Treat everyone respectfully during class.
   c. No profanity or negative conversations are allowed in the academy.
   d. Shake hands with your partner(s) before and after class.

3. Payment: Monthly tuition payments or annual dues must be up to date or the student will not be allowed to train.

4. Sign In: Students must sign in at the computer BEFORE class. If you are late to class sit by the side and wait for permission to enter the mat. We would rather you come late than not at all. Attendance does not count for Open Mat, so do not sign in when only attending Open Mat.

5. Arrival: Whenever you arrive early to the academy and there is a class in session, please quitely wait in the lobby or changing area until the end of class. This will minimize disruptions. Please keep quiet and minimize conversation, slamming of lockers, etc. Please stay off the mats until the class in session is over. On Monday and Wednesday evenings for the adult classes do not enter the academy until the kids class has been dismissed.

6. Cell Phones: Please silence cell phones while classes are in session. This way you show consideration to your instructor, fellow students, and observers during class. If you have an emergency and must keep it on let the instructor know.

7. Official Uniform/GI: All students are required to wear an official academy Gi. Any other branded Gi is NOT allowed. No other patches shall be attached to the academy Gi. White academy Gi’s only in Basics classes. The Blue academy Gi can be worn in Advanced only. No mixing top or bottom colors. Do not wear Gi’s that are ripped, torn or stained, or have loose patches, it must be either repaired or replaced.  You must wear a shirt or rash guard at all times in the academy.  Only barefoot during class, no wrestling shoes allowed.

8. Clean Uniform/GI: Please come to class with a clean Gi or training attire. This minimizes the chance for bacteria to develop and spread. Students are allowed to refuse to train with another student if the partner has a dirty Gi or other attire.

9. Changing Areas: Please use only the designated areas to change into your Gi and store personal items for class. Do not change clothes or store items other than shoes in the visitor seating area. If you are going to be indecent while changing (i.e. exposed underwear or jock straps), then use the changing room. No exceptions! Please help keep these areas clean.

10. Exiting the Mat: While classes are in session please do not go to the restroom, make trips to your water bottle or cell phone unless it is necessary. (No water bottles on the mats either) This is disruptive to class, and rude to your partner.

11.  Open Mat: Be familiar with the allowable techniques for each belt rank posted on academy bulletin board.  This is for everyones safe training.

12.  Leaving the Academy: Please make sure you take your belongings with you after class. If you bring it in, bring it out.

13. Talking: Minimize talking during class and it should be related to the class subject. Do not teach the techniques to your partner. If your partner has a question call upon the instructor to assist.

14. Class Format: During class only work on the techniques shown in class by the instructor.

15. Hygiene: Every student MUST follow our hygiene policy! This policy is shown separately.

16. Accessories: All metal objects, jewelry, piercings, necklaces or other such items must be removed before class.

17. Restroom: Please help keep the restroom clean. This benefits us all.

18. Food or Drink: No food is allowed in the academy. You may bring in your own water bottle but also bottled water is available for purchase by the honor system in the academy refridgerator.

19. Photography: No one is permitted to record video or take photographs during class. Unless authorized on special occasions such as promotion ceremonies.


Hygiene Rules and Guidelines

1. A clean washed “Gi” must be worn for each class. Also wash your belt at least once a week. Wash in hot water and detergent and dry in hot heat.

2. Besides the Gi, clean garments must be worn for each class. i.e. t-shirt, rash guard, or shorts.

3. Fingernails and toenails must be neatly trimmed.

4. If you are sick (flue, cold, etc) please do not come to class until you have fully recovered.

5. Do not train with open wounds, cuts, skin rashes, etc. Cover them completely (taped on all 4 sides), or don’t train until it has healed.

6. If blood gets on the mat, clean it up with bleach spray.  We do have band-aids and other first aid supplies on hand.

7. Seek medical attention if a wound or skin condition does not heal properly or appears to be infected.

8. If you have ringworm stay out of class until it is healed. Lamisil cream is the best for treating ringworm. Continue to use it for 1 more week after the fungus clears.

9. Come to class as clean as possible.  You can wash your hands in our bathroom with soap and water before stepping on the mat, or use our hand sanitizer.  Also if your feet are dirty from wearing sandals or flip flops outside, clean your feet with wipes before stepping on the mat.

10. Wash your hands after going to the restroom.  Help keep the restroom clean.

11. Keep your shoes off and away from the mats.  Only bare feet or socks to walk on the mat surface.  Shoes are only allowed in the lobby area. Shoes are not allowed in the changing area.

12. You must wear the academy provided flip flops or put your socks on to enter the restroom.  You cannot enter the restroom with bare feet and then step on the mat.

13. Shower as soon as possible after class and wash with antibacterial soap and hot water.

14. The mats (floor and walls) are disinfected after each class. Please chip in and help clean the mats!

15. If you borrow an academy Gi because you forgot yours or yours is dirty there is a $10 Gi rental fee.  Do not take the Gi home, leave the Gi for us to clean.

16. If you train during Open Mat and then plan to participate in the class that follows you must change into a clean Gi and other garments. 

17. Disinfect your gym bag, knee/elbow pads, headgear, training gloves or other equipment regularly.

18. Do not share personal items, such as towels, training gloves, knee/elbow pads, clothing, uniforms, mouth pieces, and water bottles.

19. Advise your training partner if you notice signs of skin problems. If we monitor ourselves and one another we can keep our gym a clean place to train.

Let’s Keep our Academy Clean and Healthy!