Student Promotions


Congratulations to the following Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu martial arts students who recently received promotions:

LAST UPDATED: October, 2019

Brown Belt Promotion Bryan Goossen
Sean Voda

Purple Belt Promotion Don Hollenback - 4th degree

Blue Belt Promotion Dave Christopher - 4th degree
Dwayne OConnor - 3rd degree
Joe Kleiner
Jared Cantrell
Greg Magnusson - 4th degree
Samir Parmar
Jess Brito
Jacob Clark - 1st degree

White Belt Promotion Brian Wignall - 1st degree
Neil Gonzalez - 4th degree
John Wiley - 2nd degree
William Ford - 3rd degree
Olga Alkhutova - 4th degree
Ryan Steele - 4th degree
Jacob Cottingham - 2nd degree
Joe Metz - 1st degree
John Parker - 1st degree
Matthew Graham - 1st degree
Michael Robinette - 3rd degree
Ryan Fogg - 2nd degree
Victor Wieczorek - 1st degree

Kids Belt Promotion Annika Yankey - White - 2nd degree
Ronan Yankey - White - 2nd degree
Delilah Seal - White - 2nd degree
Max Busby - White - 2nd degree
Ruth Faris - White - 3rd degree
Abe Ferland - White - 2nd degree
Michael OConnor - Orange - 2nd degree
Lilly Gorski - White/Gray
James Mercado - White/Gray
Lito Ledezma - Yellow - 3rd degree
Hunter Snow - White/Gray - 4th degree
Nikita Kyselov - White - 1st degree