Womens Self Defense

This program will prepare women for real life threatening encounters.  It will enable you to perform simple effective escape techniques, and will remove ones feeling of helplessness.  Our techniques will provide you with the skills and knowledge to escape from an attacker, whether you are standing on your feet or on the ground.  The escape moves are based on leverage and technique and do not require strength, speed or coordination.  Our self-defense techniques are unique as they do not rely exclusively on striking, as other martial arts.  Striking based techniques are not effective against a bigger, stronger person, and are useless on the ground, which is where you may end up when being attacked.

Women's self-defense classes are taught by request at the academy for individuals, or in small groups, or we can host a one time seminar for your larger group or organization.

Our next open group seminar is scheduled for Saturday, June 29th, 2024 from 2-4 pm.  Contact us for details, cost, and registration.

Contact Greg Eldred by email at: