Student Promotions


Congratulations to the following Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu martial arts students who recently received promotions:

LAST UPDATED: March, 2023

Brown Belt Promotion Anthony Cruz - 4th degree

Blue Belt Promotion Dierdra Roller
Pat ODonnell
Eric Harris

White Belt Promotion Jacob Ashley - 3rd degree
Jon Wolf - 2nd degree
Kyle Baker - 4th degree
Andrew Unland - 1st degree
Brock Lawson - 1st degree
Grant Coil - 1st degree
Jarod Utz - 1st degree
Jonathan Koons - 3rd degree
Daniel Lee - 4th degree
Brandon Young - 1st degree
Justin Cowan - 1st degree
Justin Wills - 2nd degree
Ed MacDonald - 1st degree

Kids Belt Promotion Ajani Williams - White - 4th degree
Abe Ferland - Yellow - 2nd degree
Aoife Bigelow - White - 2nd degree
AJ Benko - Gray - 2nd degree
Jett Roller - White - 1st degree
Cleo Pennington - White - 4th degree
Julian Marques - White - 1st degree
Luciana Marques - White - 1st degree