Student Promotions


Congratulations to the following Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu martial arts students who recently received promotions:

LAST UPDATED: November, 2021

Black Belt Promotion Chris Keidel - 3rd degree
Travis Hawkins

Brown Belt Promotion Bryan Goossen - 1st degree
Don Hollenback - 1st degree
Anthony Cruz - 2nd degree

Purple Belt Promotion Dwayne OConner - 1st degree
Rudy Guerrero - 4th degree

Blue Belt Promotion Tim Mallory - 1st degree
Pete Guillot - 3rd degree
Jess Brito - 4th degree
Sina Semsarzadeh - 3rd degree
Fidel Mercado - 2nd degree

White Belt Promotion John Pearson - 3rd degree
Tran Nguyen - 4th degree
Pat ODonnell - 1st degree
Elliot Menze - 2nd degree
William Bishop - 2nd degree
Jeffery Helm - 2nd degree
Brody Dyer - 3rd degree
Mat LaVore - 2nd degree
Andrew Bowell - 1st degree
Behzad Shariati - 4th degree
Amanda LeVore - 2nd degree
Oleg Berezin - 1st degree
David Foxworthy - 2nd degree
Armin Semsarzadeh - 4th degree
James Kittipol - 2nd degree
Chase Nickleson - 2nd degree
Scott Van Dyke - 3rd degree
Michael Belonias - 4th degree
Nick Iacobucci - 1st degree
Shadman Ahmed - 1st degree
Matthew Ross - 4th degree
Eric Harris - 2nd degree
Jeff Von Kienast - 1st degree
Todd Coffeen - 3rd degree

Kids Belt Promotion Hunter Snow - Yellow
Ronan Yankey - Gray - 4th degree
Daniel Berezin - White - 3rd degree
Ezekiel Guerrero - Yellow
Gus Van De Walle - White - 1st degree
Emily Williams - White - 2nd degree
AJ Benko - White - 2nd degree
Dane Giegerich - Gray
Gunner Dearringer - White - 1st degree
Avery Rudder - White - 1st degree
James Mercado - Gray
Maci Harris - White - 4th degree
Mariana Hankee - White - 1st degree
Molly Navarro - White - 4th degree