Student Promotions


Congratulations to the following Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu martial arts students who recently received promotions:


Black Belt Promotion Sean Voda
Travis Hawkins - Professor Stripes
Ryan Marques - 1st degree

Brown Belt Promotion Don Hollenback - 2nd degree
Jay Tuttle

Purple Belt Promotion Dave Christopher - 3rd degree

Blue Belt Promotion Dane Creamer - 1st degree
Amanda LaVore
Tim Mallory - 2nd degree

White Belt Promotion Jon Wolf - 1st degree
Kyle Baker - 3rd degree
Brian Bigelow - 2nd degree
Glenn King - 3rd degree
Elijah Brand - 3rd degree
Logan Heisler - 2nd degree
Kyle Schafer - 2nd degree
Dierdra Roller - 4th degree
Ken Dougherty - 3rd degree
Justin Chow - 2nd degree

Kids Belt Promotion Ajani Williams - White - 3rd degree
Abe Ferland - Yellow - 1st degree
Aoife Bigelow - White - 1st degree
AJ Benko - Gray - 1st degree
Maci Harris - White/Gray - 2nd degree
Daniel Berezin - White/Gray - 3rd degree
Annika Yankey - White/Gray - 4th degree